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Chrome Flashing

Chrome Flashing was developed as a color match for 200 and 300 (austenitic) series stainless steels when adjacent positioning is a concern.  However, coupled with our Electro-Polishing / Micro-Etching / Never-Scratch finishes, it can add a great deal of durability, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and color matching to Stainless Steels.  Using a micro-porous deposition of chrome the versatility of stainless steel can be greatly increased while not limiting its applications.


Ordinary chrome plating uses large quantities of costly chemicals, which are bonded in layers. Each layer of material has distinct properties and if a layer is scratched or punctured it can begin to crack and flake off, nowhere is this more prevalent then in high temperature applications, which result in thermal expansion causing plating to blister and flake off.  Chrome Flashing, however, is bonded micro-porously to the Steel and thus localized damage cannot result in crack propagation.  Furthermore, Chrome-Flashing provides heat resistance to color change, which is a major issue to unprotected Stainless Steel in hot environments.

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