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Paint Pre-Treatment:

Painting over metal can open numerous styling and production options.  Clear paint can provide an additional layer of protection for parts and be coupled with color anodizing to add another layer of resistance.  Tinted paints can open up numerous styling options, and opaque paint can be used to cover up many substrate defects and make rejected material useable.   

However, paint without the right pre-treatment isn’t viable on many substrates.        


Over Stainless Steel (Micro-Etching):

Micro-Etching is a proprietary process developed by Auto Anodics Inc. that results in excellent paint pre-treatment on all alloys of Stainless Steel.  Our process not only allows paint to bind, but it produces a substrate on the work piece that is far more resistant to abuse, corrosion and heat.  Combining the enhanced durability and adhesion opens up the possibility of applying more paint products and more applications.


Furthermore, the tooling for paint-pretreatment is consistent with our other finishes, we can provide multiple styling options with one tooling purchase.


Over Aluminum (Anodizing FETU):


Filiform corrosion is the bane of painted aluminum.  There is nothing more catastrophic for a class “A” part than seeing paint peel off as under-film corrosion creeps across a workpiece, luckily, anodizing stops filiform corrosion  dead in it’s tracks.  Utilizing our paint pre-treatment anodizing, we anodize the substrate and then utilize a customized flash seal, that not only anodizes the part and protects it, but then provides a substrate with excellent adhesion properties allowing for any number of paint products to be utilized.       


The anodize tooling is also universal, so providing multiple finishes with one set of tooling, or performing a rework operation on otherwise defective products is easy.       

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